Monday, December 1, 2008

Times. The good ones.

I've been told it's hard to follow my blog when I don't post in it. Well, Let me see if I can muster up some semi interesting things to say to yall...

As far as my personal life, I've once again moved today. Goodness, how many times has it been this year? I will indeed miss my partner in crafty sleaze, Stef. (There is always Spirits now, baby) Well, I think I'll at least be staying here until May or so. Seems I'm always going to be a ramblin' man. I also put in my notice at my job as a smut peddler. As fun as that job was, I'm just entirely tired of hearing stupid questions. Let me just put this out there for everyone: I'm never going to know which pill will keep you up all night. And I'm never going to know which pocket pussy feels the best. I'm not a man, sorry. Finally, I just simply don't know the answer to every question you may have, regardless of what you may think. In short, that job just got old really quick. I'm sure I'll have a few funny stories to share before I'm completely done, so, you can expect that.

In fact, expect a decent amount of posting.. hopefully. I finally feel like I might have some shit to say.

A little quick note on Dismantled Fashions too...

I'm taking a little hiatus to get myself situated again. I reckon I'll be back accepting custom orders by January if not sooner. I'm of course still taking Etsy orders, because that stuff is already ready to ship. And you know I've got a lot more ready to go stuff too, just gotta get it photographed. Get excited.

My plan is to concentrate fully on DF for a while. I've got a great new line planned, and from what my friends with fabulous taste have said, it should be quite good! I'll give ya a taste, it's called "James River Blues", of course in honor of my favorite city and one of my favorite bands. I've got the ideas pretty well laid out and just need to get some prototypes made up. I'll be putting out a model casting call soon, so keep an eye out if that interests you. :)

xo - Emily

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deepa said...

you know i want to model that shit. for serious.