Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My models are hot!

And the amazing model photos keep pouring in! This is from Alamilla, who is seriously fabulous and quickly becoming a total big deal. I'll get to say I worked with her way back when ;)

As usual, you can find the rest from the set on my Flickr account. By the way, these were taken by a favorite of mine, Mike Basso. He did a shoot a while back with Mekena Von Suerte in one of my dresses, and those are some of my favorite portfolio pictures.

I'm starting to get over my hatred and fear of trade modeling. Sure, I'm still picky as all hell. And sure, I'll probably say no to most trade model offers.. but lately its working out well for me. So thank you, ladies (and gents)! So, who's next? Little Miss Krizia and Vanessa Nicole. Yowza!


jenerek! said...

you are seriously finding some amazingly beautiful models for your duds....not to mention gorgeous photography! way to go- i'm glad it's working out for you! :)

lollywood said...

those are great model pics!!! they really make your clothes shine! :)