Sunday, June 7, 2009

Too busy for life.

I've recently been locking myself in my sewing room all day, every day. I'm gearing up and making inventory for Heavy Rebel Weekender. I've gotten a good bit done, but I still have quite a to do list before I can breathe again. So anyway, that is why I'm MIA on anything interesting or fun. It's worth it! Hopefully I'll find time for a break soon and have some fun stories to share.

Until then, let me entertain you with my favorite video on the internet. I wish I knew if they were actually planning on turning this into a movie or if its just a fun little video for the hell of it. Anyone?


HeartSizedCrush said...

Miss you! Hope you come up for air soon!


I've never been to Heavy Rebel, but have heard it's the craziest out of all the rockabilly fests!