Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm baaack!

Well, I've been back since Monday. But I've spent the past few days recovering from the craziest weekend of the year. There's so much and so little to tell, and frankly I don't remember much.

As far as vending the event, I think it was a success. Though this year was the lowest turnout I've seen in my 4 years attending, I still made out okay. The other vendors were extremely awesome and I met a lot of very cool talented people (including the lady behind Mode Merr who had such great things to say about Dismantled Fashions, what a sweetie!) I also had a blast being next to the E-Bomb and Martha Rotten booth. Thanks for being entertaining when we were stuck at the table! Personally, I don't think I'll vend again unless I can hire help. I feel like I missed out on too much and I'm just not okay with that!

I wasn't able to check out many new bands as most of the good ones were downstairs, but here's a few you need to know! I'm sure there was more, but PBR & whiskey pretty much took what memory I had left.

And, thanks again to the booze, we really didn't take many pictures. And the maybe 5 we did take came out horrible! So I'll leave you with one of me, Bea and Deepa showing off our crew. So tough. Till next year, Heavy Rebel!


Oh! And I clearly made waaaay too much stock, so I've got more than I can handle left over. Some are new things that will need models so I'll be working on that soon. Expect the shop to fill up soon! And for lots of clearance stuff, because I'm completely tired of holding on to so much.


Kate8085 said...

Glad you had a good time!
Clearance you say?
Dangerous for me.

deepa said...

here are the only pictures that i took. greg took some pictures of cars but who care's about those things...

Atomic Mama said...

i am glad you had a good time! that is awesome! I am so happy for you..

and good luck with clearing out the invetory! what a pain in the ass. ugh.

But I am sure there are lovely ladies all around looking to score your duds for cheap :D soo.. you should do just fine!