Monday, April 26, 2010

Richmond Burlesque is All the Rage!

The burlesque scene in Richmond has been going strong for some time now, but only recently have I been getting more into it myself. Thursday I attended the first Burlesque and B-Movie night at my favorite local bar, Wonderland. It was appropriately titled 'Faster Pussycat, Strip Strip!' - I know, it's amazing. Think beer, fried chicken, cute dancing girls and all the while Faster Pussycat Kill Kill! playing in the background.

Sunday was the aforementioned Rockabilly Burlesque Brunch. (Look at the fabbbulous flyer!) Yours truly was there, of course. (Mostly because I was a sponsor, and also because I'll go to damn near anything that has rockabilly in the title) It was no surprise that the show was amazing. My three favorite burlesque babes had amazing performances, while the out of towner Kitty Baby showed off a great routine. I have to say, and not only because she's a good friend and I'm partial, Deepa De Jour had one hell of a fabulous act.. by far my favorite routine ever.. Lend me Your Comb! Pomade can pasties?! Yes.

I'm hoping to be more involved as a sponsor and even just as a fan. And maybe they'll let me be the b-movie night host if I pester enough! :)

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