Monday, August 2, 2010

Ahem.. Remember me?

Good lord.. I haven't posted since MAY! What is wrong with me? Oh, I know. My life has been a damn whirlwind, that's what. Where to begin... well.. On a personal note I started dating my best friend of five years in late May (feel free to aww.. I do too.) and couldn't be happier. He sure is a swell feller. Certainly explains the lack of free time for a couple months there. Ain't the honeymoon phase grand?

That aside, around the begining of July I moved halfway across the country. The both of us were just fed up with Virginia and the lack of excitement we found there and went searching for greener pastures (but don't say anything.. I like to pretend otherwise when I'm mad!) So we are now official Colorado residents with a darling little apartment just outside of Denver. And I do mean darling.. and I do mean little hah! It's just enough room for the two of us and our newly acquired vintage furniture and DIY decor. It sure is fun having a guy willing to learn the fine art of crafting. We've framed our favorite Googie architecture photos and made an amazing starburst mirror so far. I promise to post pictures just as soon as I get a card reader... or at least wireless internet so I can start using my computer again. For now I at least have this one.. It's one of our good friends from VA who now lives in CO too and us.


In Dismantled Fashions news, everything is back up from the moving hiatus and kickin'! Denver is pretty good for business so far, I've already got my first car show vending event coming up on Saturday. Woohoo! I'm basically just trying to get reestablished, then working on those new designs I promised. New skirt style in the works plus some favorites in brand new seriously cool fabrics. I think you'll be pleased!


Pili said...

Yay for improvements and being back on business!
And yay for dating your best friend!

RubySkeleton said...

You kick so much ass ;-)
I love your amazing dresses! I am actually planning on getting one made for the dinner rehearsal for my Halloween wedding!
Congrats on dating your best friend & I am happy to see you are back for business!