Sunday, October 10, 2010

Updates updates and oh wait.. .updates!

Goodness, I'm constantly busy. I always neglect my blog. Poor guy!

Up to moving.. again! We've left Denver already and are back in VA for a few months. The boyfriend got an amazing gig with Wayne Hancock and is all tour tour tour these days. I'm a proud girl. However it means we're on our way to Austin, TX come the new year. I'm pretty excited, I gotta say. And while I hate the away time, it's helping me get more into Dismantled Fashions again. I'm coming up with so many new things! Which brings me to...

Looking for models! If you're interested contact me through the website or Model Mayhem to talk.

The website is gotten some new looks too. If you're not already signed up, why not? I'm planning some great newsletter only sales and specials for the future, so make sure you're on board :)

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