Friday, December 10, 2010

A $38 Engagement

.. And proud of it! Yep, I'm gettin' hitched! Here's how the $38 comes in...

(Photobooth pictures from last week)

I think I'm the only girl in the world who would brag about how cheap her ring was. I'm just not a "stuff" person, as I like to call it. I've never felt the need for expensive things or designer brands just for the name. If I like it, I like it, regardless of price. When it came to the idea of a ring, I made it very clear to the fella I didn't want anything pricey, and something very simple as I like really understated jewelry. It seems like a waste to me, and that's a lot of money you could spend on something else you want!

Well, we were out doing some antique/vintage store pursuing and I spotted this gorgeous ring in the case. I asked to try it on, and it actually fit. I was surprised to then find out it was so cheap.. and yes.. it's real white gold and diamond. And, it's vintage. I was in love. The fella then proceeded to buy it, and get down on one knee right out in front of the shop.

(It's a bit yellowed and dirty, I still need to get it cleaned!)

Being engaged to your best friend and the best man in the world.. it's the best feeling in the world. ♥


erin said...

congrats! such a cute story. i just got engaged on halloween and i have my grandma's vintage ring...its very similar to yours, white gold and diamonds...and i couldn't have asked for anything more no matter WHAT the cost! vintage = love :)

Betty2Tone said...

Don't worry, you're not the only one that feels that way. The ring looks great, and it will be more unique than other rings! Congrats!

RubySkeleton said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The ring, no matter what the price tag read, is beautiful! It is unlike any other & as is was cherished before you, it will be cherished by you! ;-D
I also have a vintage engagement in white gold & diamonds... It was my {now} husband's great-grandmothers & it means the world to me to wear such a piece.

mad tea ami said...

Congratulations! So romantic!

Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said...

Congrats!!! What a wonderful story :) I'm just like you... I'd take anything vintage over expensive and flashy!!

Kally said...

Congratulations! What a lovely story <3

Fritzi Marie said...


I am so beyond happy for you. You're ring is perfect and obviously was meant to be yours. My husband made my ring out of old silver quarters. I'm not big on expensive, fancy rings either. I love that you found this vintage one. Thank you for your sweet comment. It made my day. I have one of your skirts on my wish list for Christmas. I am hoping that Santa brings it to me. If he does, I'll be modeling it on my blog (it makes me feel pretty to pretend that I am a pin up girl on Sunday afternoons-my husband humors me.)

Sending you all the best wishes and happiness in the world.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Mandy Jo said...

That is perfect! I want my man to do the same :)