Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dita and Corsets

I found this video on Dita and her secret to amazing corsets, Mr. Pearl. It's like corset porn, really. It got me thinking more about them in general. For you corset wearing ladies, shed some light! Do you wear one every day as your undergarment? Does it make you feel fabulous? I'd reckon I'd feel totally glamorous for about an hour then be mad, uncomfortable, and gasping for air. Maybe I need a crash course in the old saying 'Beauty is Pain!' (This also makes me wonder why I don't have an classy, mysterious name like that.. or maybe Miss Scarlet. Wait, that's Clue. Still!)

I know I always drool over SugarKitty Corsets and WhatKatieDid - Who are your favorite corsetieres?

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