Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year, the same laziness?

I've admitted a million times, I'm the worst blogger ever. I go for a bit where I'm on the ball... regular posts, new features, exciting things... then I get swamped with work and drop off the face of the earth for a month or two. So this begs the question, will I get my blogging act together for the new year or will I continue my cycle of blog failure? Let's hope for the first option!

So here is my list of amazingly cool and entertaining upcoming posts that I seriously plan to do very soon : 

  •  Feature on the gorgeous accessories by Miss Lydia of Stylemasters
  • A nerdy account of my trips to the Smithsonian Museums with my husband
  • Beauty product reviews (not just an idea! Actual products lined up!)
  • Personal style posts, namely my fancy new hair
See? I have plans. Though I may have said all this before.. and maybe actually done a post very similar to this before... I still have high hopes for my new year and new start. 

So, what are your new years goals? Or resolutions. Or plans. You know, whatever you wanna call it !

xox ♥


Pili said...

Happy New Year!

My plans are mostly just try to keep up with my blog, and moving in with the bf!

I can't wait to see your new hair and the reviews!

reelirishdancr said...

My plans are to take lots of great pictures and get published again this year and to network, network, network!

I also want to perform my first belly dance solo and get my A.S. in Social Science with a Deaf Specialization.

Yay, new year!!