Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sewing through the ages! My new favorite collectible.

There's a few things I love across the board. Sewing, history, collectibles... It makes my newest collection/obsession seem obvious. A while back, I posted about acquiring my grandmothers vintage treadle machine, and that's where it all started. My momma found a 50s/60s table machine to add to the mix, and from there it snowballed. I decided I wanted any and every one I could get my hands on. 

So, being a big fan of Freecycle, I kept an eye out for ads and even put up a wanted ad. Boy... did I score! All the machines below were completely free and in remarkably good condition, considering. I still need to do some research and find the years and stories on each model, but, I'm the luckiest sewing nerd ever! 

A hand crank model, complete with original coffin style case. 
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The details! 

This one came with a box of all the original attachments and notions, plus the original manual. It didn't say the exact year, but that it was manufactured between 1914 - 1941. 

This is my favorite, by far. It looks like the Caddy of sewing machines!


Pili said...

I think my grandma used to have the same singer machine than the black one there!

Kally said...

I have the same Singer machine. Has yours got a plate somewhere with a serial number? If so, you can look it up on the Singer website and you can find the exact date and place your machine was manufactured.

There's some more info and a link to the serial number registry in my post here:

Let us know what you find! xx

♥ Emily of said...

Thank you SO much, Kally! I think they do all have the serial numbers. I know what I'll be looking up tomorrow :)