Thursday, March 15, 2012

What in the world have I been doing...

I feel like a one woman one of these.

It's pretty much Spring here in the ol' northern hemisphere. That means BUSYBUSYBUSY season! My days consist of wake up, check emails, drink copious amounts of caffeine, sew, sew some more, fill some orders, eat, sew more still, and then finally do some sewing. It's absolutely amazing. It's precisely why I love doing what I do... that amazing sense of accomplishment when you finish something and package it up all pretty. I adore keeping busy, especially if it makes someone happy in the process! 

So, while I may be pretty lax on the consistent posting at least lots of pretty clothes are coming out of the deal! 

If you want some clothes for FREE, make sure you check out the current giveaway to win a ChaCha Skirt in your favorite colors/print! 


1 comment:

TheLydiaT said...

It's so exciting to hear how busy you are!!! Keep it up! Your making pinup girls across the WORLD even better!!