Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meet Kitty Cadillac, April Pin-Up of the Month

Photo by Megan Addie Photography
Meet Kitty Cadillac, the April Pin-Up of the Month! Read our interview below to find out all about this beauty!

When and how did you get into pin up modeling? What made you decide to? : 
I have always been in love with Pin-Ups, and for almost 3 years now I have been a 1950's Zombie Pin-Up Photographer (www.facebook.com/WherePrettyGirlsArePrettyZombies), but about a year and a half ago, a friend of mine who likes my Zombie Pin-Ups asked me to be a Pin-Up Model in here very first and my very first Pin-Up shoot. I was hired on by the 1950's hotel owner while we were shooting to do a commercial with them as Marilyn Monroe and I have had my head in the Pin-Up clouds ever since! I am now converting to being 100% Pin-Up lifestyle 24/7!
Who are a couple of your favorite photographers or models? :
Oh my goodness! If only I had more money I would love to be shot by the original Bunny Yeager, Roy Varga and my fellow Missouri Pin-Up loving girls at Vixen Pin-Up Photography. 

As for my favorite models, I will always preach the Bettie Page love, but along with Bettie I love her photographer/model Bunny Yeager so much! Bunny Yeager was not only the model, but she set up the entire shot herself and took the photo herself. She had so much talent and such a passion for Pin-Ups, I some day hope to have an ounce of the talent she once held!
Where do you get your style inspiration from? :
I am a 50's girl, through and through and I scrounge thrift stores and flea markets almost every weekend for that vintage find. I draw my style and look from a mix between Lucille Ball, Bettie Page and a bit of Retro Horror Zombie Lovin' into the mix. 
Share some of your personal bombshell beauty secrets! Hair, makeup, etc :
I'm not extremely good with the Bombshell Beauty, but I live by pin curls and tons of red lipstick. If my hair isn't rocking the pin curls, my hair will either be up in a house wife-esque bandanna or the stunning victory curls! Any gal who wants to feel great just needs to throw her hair into some victory curls and make your lips bright red and the big ol' cat eyeliner and you'll look great! As for color, I am a natural red-head, much like my love Lucille, but during the summer I like to go Blonde Bombshell.
Top 5 favorite bands/artists ? :

The Smokejumpers
Lady GaGa 
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Janis Martin

Have any hidden talents or a creative streak?
Before my love of Pin-Ups and currently, I am a theatre major and my love will always remain on the stage, but not acting, I am a technical theatre major. I Stage Manage at the Landers and I love working there. It is such a joy to get to work the shows I grew up watching. I am also a greaser and I love working on my 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix! 

What was your strangest/funniest moment as a model? If you don’t have one, then just tell us your favorite pin-up moment in general.
Teehee, oh my! My funny moment was recently when I was shooting with Megan Addie Photography and I was a sexy Pin-Up cook and I had a giant prop cupcake I was supposed to sit on. I built the giant cupcake myself and there was a tub as the bottom holding the cake portion of the cupcake, but I knew the cupcake was not quite strong enough to hold my weight but I decided to sit on it anyways. I started to wedge myself atop this giant cupcake and about 15 minutes into the shoot, the cupcake slipped from underneath me and I fell into the tub holding the cupcake, fell backwards and my heels caught the backdrop and I tore down the entire set I was on in one fatal swoop! How embarrassing! 

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