Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bar parties and hair flowers.

Last weekend we all went down to Virginia Beach/Norfolk for a coming home party for a friend. Held at a quite fabulous dive bar, I might add. It was one of the few nights in my life where I actually don't remember a lot of it, which is probably for the better considering I had damn near 15 cocktails, hah. I think the posted picture pretty much sums it up. If all goes well, we'll be going down there again this weekend.

I also learned the only things I blog about are drinking and crafts. Clearly, the most important things in life.

Last night Amy came to hang out with me and we had a crafty sleepover. We bought bags of fake flowers and sat around watching 'Stand by Me' while making piles of adorable hair flowers. We justified our extravagant spending by me saying, "Hey, we can sell some, it's ok!" So, after we kept out a ton of them for ourselves I decided to put the rest on Etsy. Take it from us (total accessory snobs) that these are fabulous. If I sell any, I'll have an excuse to make more. And I like that!

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Stef Toxic. Clothing Designer. Smut Peddler. said...

orange orchids? My favorite color and flower? Now you know I wants them...