Thursday, January 22, 2009

Websites and a Heart Sized Crush

One of my new ventures is web design. In an effort to build up a little portfolio, I offered my "services" to fellow DIYer, Karla of Heart Sized Crush. I thought it would be a fun project because we kinda of have the same style and aesthetic in our work. It was, for sure. I think it came out so cute. You can click on her link there to see what I came up with.

In exchange for this we did a little trade for some of her adorablllllle jewelry. I got three stellar pieces, including the one I'm wearing in the picture that I look so delightfuly dorky in.

I also got a diamond swallows necklace and a mom swallow one. And let me tell you, they are so fabulous! I wore the mom one out the other night and everyone loved it! She has so many more cute tattoo/rockabilly style pieces available too. Just don't get the ones I want! A lot of hand drawn work goes into these and I promise you'll definately love them like I do.

Interested in her work? Good! Go check out her Etsy shop. Want your own website? Ask me.

1 comment:

HeartSizedCrush said...

Aww thank you so much for including me in your blog! The picture is amazing! You are the greatest thing since sliced bread! :)