Thursday, March 19, 2009

This one time, I bought art.

I'm not usually one for calling out and blogging about other sellers/crafters/whatever the hell you wanna call it. Pretty much because I don't shop. But, I found this one store.. with the most amazing art. An, if you know me, I'm not that into art and I certainly never buy it. This stuff was just awesome though. It's all bright and amazing.. and the people she features in her work.. kickass.

So, I bought this. Being the insane Elvis collector that I am, I clearly needed an original fabulous art piece in my collection. Best part? 9x11.. for $15 bucks. I'm pretty sure I had no choice but to get it.

Her shop is Just don't buy the two I'm eyeing. You know the ones. Those are mine.


lollywood said...

that's a neat shop! thanks for sharing!

Stef Toxic. Clothing Designer. Smut Peddler. said...

Yeah and if anyone buys Mr. Furley it's on! you and me...