Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pin Up Tips from a Designer, Part 1.

So, First off, I'm no pin up. However, I work with a lot of 'em! From the just starting girl to the established vixen, I've talked to a lot, and seen a lot. I also have friends just breaking into the pin up world and I know what it takes.. or at least I think I have an idea! I know you see a lot of things online from models and photographers with their tips and tricks, but I thought it might be a fun idea to give you my opinions as a designer/company that gives the girls the work. So, I'm going to start doing little blog posts with new tips each time that might help ya out. Any ideas or questions are welcomed, because I'm not totally sure where I'm going with this.. I just thought it'd be neat!

Tip #1 - Get started on that Portfolio!

You don't have to jump into the modeling world with amazing photos. You gotta start somewhere! But on the other hand, don't have a portfolio full of mirror shots, myspace angels, or ones of you out partying. It doesn't show that you're serious. Personally, if I get modeling requests and thats all I see, I ignore it. I know it can be difficult to get your first few photos if you don't know where to start. Have a photographer friend? Perfect! Know any local pin up studios? Jump in on one of their shoots. Not only do you get really good photos, you get great networking opportunities. If those situations aren't possible, it's as simple as having a friend use their digital camera to take some outdoor shots of you in a really cool place, just keep it in the lines of what you have in mind to do when you start working with professionals. Just so you have at least a couple photos to use to start an online portfolio, where you can then network and chat with new photographers to plan future collaborations. But that gets into the next tip, and I'll save that for later.

Some links you might be interested in...
422 Studio - Richmond, VA Pin Up Photography *Recommended!
Atomic Cheesecake Studios - Baltimore, MD Pin Up Photgraphy

Search the internet, I'm sure you have places like this in your town :)

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