Thursday, April 2, 2009

I hate coming up with titles.

New model photos make me giddy. Little Miss Krizia looks stunningly adorable. The photography is by Tyler and Christina. And the dress she's wearing is a cherry print Catie May. I got these photos in a little while ago, but being lazy old me, I never posted them. The whole set is up in my Flickr, but here is my favorite.

I'm still slacking on getting the dress out to the smokin' Vanessa Nicole. I'm trying, girl! As soon as I think I'm catching up on orders, more come in. I'm not complaining, I love it.. and I love my customers. I just get overwhelmed haha.

And one more gay little thing.. I love spring. I've definately got perpetual smiles these days. Everything is just.. good.

Pictures and ramblings about my amazing birthday party last weekend to come. From what I'm told.. I had a good ol time!


jenerek! said...

beautiful photos, as always :)

i love spring, too- i get excited to see the first robin and everything. so you're not the only lame one, haha :)

and i can't wait to hear about your birthday! hope it went well! (what you can remember, at least....)


Adoreable pic! Yay, we're following you now too : ).