Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Silent Spirit Studio Photoshoot

This past Saturday, my best friend Bea Derringer (Or Amy.. she's a big deal and has a cute model name.) and I woke up ridiculously early to meet the fab photography team of Silent Spirit Studio for a photoshoot for Dismantled Fashions. We were also joined by my sweetie friend and 40s movie star looking model, Jessica Marie. Let me tell you, Ashley Elaine and Dan are some amazing people to work with. Not only are they extremely professional, they are personable and so nice! AE is not only a great MUAH, but a banging model! She's the dark haired girl in the photos below, and did Jessica Marie's makeup and hair. Oh, and if you're into fabulous, well made hair pieces, check out her Etsy shop: SilentSpiritStudio.etsy.com Dan did all the photography and editing, and gave the girls perfect direction. Don't these look like vintage postcards?

I had so much fun at this shoot and we got some seriously amazing images out of it. I'm thrilled with the entire experience! If you're in the VA/MD/DC area and need a really great photographer or MUAH who will give you more than your money's worth and an entire day of great shooting, check them out! I give them the full Dismantled Fashions seal of approval.. (wait.. I don't think I have one.. But you know what I mean..)

Now for some of my favorite photos. You can find the rest on my Flickr page, as there are way too many to post here!

And my absolute favorite.. This cracks me the hell up. You have to click on it to see it fullsize.. the text is hilarious!


Concertina said...

The shoot is amazing! Very lovely photos...and as always, fantastic clothes.

I am totally in love with that red polka dot dress!

*chuckles at the Purty Mouth Contest*

lollywood said...

those are some great pictures!!! i love the red polka dot dress!

jenerek! said...

wow, those pictures are GORGEOUS. job well done to ALL involved! wow. :)


Well done!