Sunday, December 27, 2009

... I'm back.. Can you believe it? Allow me to explain.

First off, can you believe it? I'm actually back. For a second there I didn't think I'd be back either. But, Dismantled Fashions is extremely important to me, I could never leave it. Let me tell you what happened...

A bit ago, I moved back to Richmond on a complete whim. I moved down here with no money, no job, just a crazy idea and not a lot of choices. That lasted oh about... a week. Then I had to get a more than full time day job to pay my bills. Bummer. I had no time, no money, no internet, no way to keep DF going at that time.

I tried to get everything with the business straight before I put it on hiatus. Well, orders kept pouring in. I got behind. Way behind. And a few people hated me for it. Rightfully so, I don't deny I messed up pretty hard. I want to be totally honest about my mistakes, because I'm not a dishonest seller, and I never will be. (Though for a split second I considered saying I was in jail this whole time to sound cooler. What? I'm just sayin..) Every single customer, every single order, was delivered, refunded or replaced. And that's that. Feel free to comment or email me if you want to know more, I'm not hiding anything. When you run a while business by yourself, that's something that can happen. A few months of personal hardship and everything falls. But I'm not giving up! I'm completely committed to returning full force, being the most bad ass customer service... person?.. ever. And going back to what I love. Dismantled Fashions. I am doing everything I can to reclaim that. Have faith in me?

It's going to be better than ever. Expect more updates to follow, and this time not months in between. I ain't quittin you. Not ever :)


beanbun said...

I totally feel you. Moving messed me up so bad! I'm barely catching up now six weeks after we moved - supplies got lost, Paypal screwed up, it's taking me forever to finish some things.... It's just ridiculous. Hopefully 2010 will treat us better!

Twila Jean said...

I am so happy you are able to get back doing DF and doing what you love.

I wish you 1000000000000 good thoughts on this road ahead! Now go kick some ass!


Emily of said...

Thanks to you both :)

I still want you as a model one day, Twila! I have not forgotten.