Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LisaFreemontStreet Makes You a Pin Up

I'm completely obsessed with YouTube hair and makeup tutorials of the pin up variety. I can literally spend hours sitting at my computer watching 50 different takes on the classic pin up makeup look, or hairstyles that my bangs are probably too short to do anyway (damn you Bettie bangs!) But my absolute favorite channel to watch is LisaFreemontStreet.

I started watching her videos a while back, when she only had hair tutorials. Not only is she totally adorable and easy to understand, I love that doesn't claim to be professional or an expert on the style or the 'scene'. Just another glamour obsessed girl like the rest of us! Now that she is doing makeup looks, product reviews and style videos, I'm even more in love. I recommend her videos to anyone who is interested in getting that vintage pin up look, or just getting new tips for what you already do.


Concertina said...

I love her videos!! I need to get myself a hot roller set so I can start doing some of her hair tutorials.

Avental said...

I know what you mean.....I am addicted to You Tube tutorials, I can stay on my computer for hours watching them ;)

I love Lisa's videos....she is really good at what she does!!!

Who needs t.v. anyway?!?!

Avental said...
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