Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Road Trips

Another successful Elvisfest has come and gone. This marked my fifth year attending! A couple of my best girls and I spent the weekend in Chapel Hill, NC getting ridiculous. Outta the deal, I'd say Billy Joe Winghead was the best band I saw. I base this on the theremin and the fact that they brought a ham loaf in the shape of Elvis. Hilarious.

(The ham loaf in it's glory)

Of course the Straight 8s, the Defilers, the Truckstop Preachers and D Ray the Shockers were my favorites, but they always are. Oh, and thank you to the fella who gave me some of his moonshine, it made the evening!

(Us freezing outside. Not sure why I'm hunched over haha)


And now that we're back and slightly recovered, we are heading to Nashville tomorrow after I tie up a few loose ends and make a post office trip. We' (my roomate Robin and I, that is) are going to visit my favorite model and best friend, the recently married and moved off Bea Derringer. (or is it Bonnie now? I can't keep up with that girl.) Back in a few days!


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mad tea ami said...

I've been meaning to share these photos with you (you can click for larger versions). I LOVE my dress! Keep up the good work!

the first photo...

with tattoo and ukulele...