Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vintage Family Photos

Here's another weekly feature I'm trying out.. family photos. Vintage ones, of course. I'm really lucky that my family has been able to hold onto them for people like me to cherish. Sure looking at old photos is great, but isn't it so much better when it's someone you know?

Here is one of my mother, aunt and grandparents. I'd guess this was about.. 1950 - 1951? I may be biased, but I think my grandparents were the most attractive couple ever. She looks like a pin up while he has a very James Dean quality about him. My mom would be the baby, while my aunt is the one in the stylin' cowboy boots.

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Vintage Christine said...

As you know, I'm VERY keen on displaying old family photographs--I've been going through several boxes lately and have found a great deal of interesting stuff which I'm sharing bit by bit. By scanning these old photos, you're also able to save them, which is great since so many of my baby pix are getting WAAAAAY faded. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful family!