Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hello Texas! Oh yeah, and I'm back :)

Whew! I missed the internet. You completely do not realize how addicted you are until you go a week without it. 

But! We are settling in nicely to our new apartment in Texas. It's so roomy! I swear, the closet in my new studio is almost big enough to be a bedroom. I'm not at all used to this much room... but it gives me a reason to buy new things (much to the dismay of the fella) We're working on decorating and getting new furniture to fill in the gaps, and it's been so much fun. After the epic year of moving, it's really nice to know we are settling in an area for good! 

The best part of the move had to be our stop along the way in Nashville. It's where my best friend and model, Bonnie Dee and her husband are living (though I hear rumors of a move to Texas?!) Those two are adorably enough, the matron of honor and best man in our wedding, so needless to say it was so much fun hanging out with them again. 

Bonnie had a shoot planned the day of our visit and asked if I'd like to tag along and join in on it. Ummm. yes! Even though it was so weird to be on that side of the camera, it was crazy fun. 

(all photos are by the awesome Allen Manus of PE Photography) 

This one cracks me up. I look so intrigued. 


Hoot-n-Andy LLC said...

you girls are just gorgeous! and i agree- that last photo's pretty cute :)

glad to hear that you're finally settling in! hope texas is good to you!

Betty2Tone (Laura) said...

That photo shoot looks fun. I like the picture with the skeleton

Pili said...

Awesome shots! You both look gorgeous!

And congrats on finding a permanent place for a change now! Decorating is always a lot of fun!