Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stylish Blogging

Aw I'm stylish! Thank you Laura (Betty2Tone) for giving me an award :) Let's see here... 

The rules for this award are to share 7 facts about yourself, and then pass it on to 10 bloggers.

1. I may admire vintage, especially your lovely blogs, but I'm no purist. I guess I'm a "rockabilly" - I only own one vintage item, and it's a purse. 

2. I'm totally crazy about organization. I label EVERYTHING. 

3. I'm a complete night owl. I have no energy or drive until it starts getting dark. 

4. Diet Dr. Pepper is a staple in my house. The fella and I are both obsessed. 

5. I love being domestic, but I HATE sweeping and always try to get out of it. I know.. weird. 

6. My other creative love is decorating. I think if I wasn't doing clothing I'd have gone to school for interior design.

7. And, I'm horrible at talking about myself :)

I think y'all have all done this, so don't feel obligated to do it again (or at all for that matter) But here are some of my daily reads!

1 comment:

Kally said...

Yay! My first blog award, thank you :)

I'm the same when it comes to being fully awake during the daytime, it just doesn't happen.