Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Rockabilly Affair

A few months ago when I found and signed on one of my newest models, Sabrina Sin, she asked if I'd ever be interested in doing a fashion show. Of course I giddily agreed. I adore runway shows. The excitement of planning and knowing all eyes are on your work.. yep.. it's no surprise I opted in. Talks progressed quickly and all sorts of additions were made. Pin Up contest, small hot rod show, bands, burlesque, ect. Looked like the event was gonna happen.. and soon! 

During our shoot together for the new Dismantled Fashions items, we threw in some event promo shots of Sabrina and her business partner Sarah Sacrifice. Thanks to the ever great Adam of Lucky Devil Pin Ups.. I think it came out great! I'm kinda all jump around excited that the event is named after my company.. tag line and all! I feel so important and stuff :) It will be an all around night of fabulous retro pin up goodness - for charity! Let me tell you, there is nothing more rewarding than getting dolled up and having fun for a good cause. It means you can drink more and not feel guilty! 

So now I'm about what... three weeks away? I'm half done with the clothing and have my pin up contest prize basket all planned out. I still have to think what I'd like to do with my booth without clothing (You bet your bottom I have no extra time to make stock!) I'm going to post pictures of my progress so if you can't make it you can get a sneak peek at least. And if you're in the Houston area.. come on out! 

If you didn't see the new items from Sabrina's shoot.. check them out on Dismantled now! And don't forget, all clothing is 20% off through Sep. 1st. ♥


Pili said...

I'm sure the event is gonna be a real success!!

♥ Emily of said...

Thank you Pili! I know it'll be a blast :)