Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm a proud musician wife.

Woo! It's Saturday! Which for me means day 6 of a 7 day work week! :P

While I'd normally spend my free time hanging out with my husband watching Netflix (because we're party animals), he's out for the night for man times and music down on 6th street. So, instead, I'm going to catch up on the mass amounts of things I keep meaning to blog about. My husband just happens to be one of those things!

My fella is quite the musician. If you've ever read my past blogs, you'd know he's always in one (or 4) bands or another. I usually try to make every show if my health or schedule allows, and I've recently made it a goal of mine to take pictures of him at every new venue to make a big photo album of every place he's played.  It seems like the kind of thing our children would like to see one day, you know? Considering he's been playing upright bass professionally for almost 10 years now, I've missed a lot. But hey.. I gotta start somewhere! 

And that somewhere is only this past Monday at the Texas Music Theater with his newest band, AC and the Bad Billys

(and a video! that I did not take ;)

What can I say? I'm a proud wife ♥


Pili said...

And I'm sure with good reason!

The album is really a great idea!

♥ Emily of said...

Hehe thanks!

TheLydiaT said...

You guys are an amazing couple!! So glad I was able to meet you both!!