Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rockabilly Wednesday - The Voronas

I really should have a phone alarm set for remembering to do weekly features. Especially because I have more planned. Am I the only one who gets too busy and forgets they have a designated blog topic? :D

This week's featured band (and for me, it's gonna be probably the whole month) is The Voronas. I literally just found out about this band earlier while trolling Youtube for cool retro spooky songs. I had been stuck in a Crypt-Kickers loop for some time when I looked at the little recommended videos section on the side. That's when I saw this band. I originally thought it was an old tune based on the sound and voice and that's what drew me in. Don't get me wrong, I love psychobilly I really do.. but doesn't the constant cheesy lyrics about bats and coffins set to generic clicky slap bass really get old to you? 

That is exactly why I fell in love with The Voronas. The lyrics are still (sometimes) dark and spooky without the over the top cheese factor, and the completely original sounding vocals and the mix of all different styles of music make this a band to remember. Think The Cramps meets gypsy jazz fused with blues and a dash of rockabilly. Intrigued yet? Listen for yourself! 

You an also check out all their songs on Myspace here : - My favorite is Viceland :D Wonder why... 


Betty2Tone (Laura) said...

You seriously always post the best music :D

Catch A Falling Star said...

I agree with Betty!
I have loved every music group you have posted and I and VERY picky about my music too.
Keep it up!!!

♥ Emily of said...

Aw thank you both! I'm glad my strange taste is appreciated! I'm pretty picky too, so I know what you mean :)