Saturday, October 1, 2011

It was quite a Rockabilly Affair!

I should have blogged about this way earlier, but between a rush of orders and the almost week spent as a flu germ factory (and of course sheer laziness) I haven't taken the time to do it until now.

A couple weeks ago, I had what turned out to be my biggest event ever. I woke my sweetie up at the crack of dawn and packed all my things up to drive down to Houston. I prepped and made plans with the lovely and talented Sabrina Sin for months for this, so needless to say... I was completely and utterly stressed! Oh and of course excited ;) I was not only putting on a full 8 piece runway show, but was also taking orders at my booth and judging the pin up contest. While I spent the whole night running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, I loved every second of it!

My amazing husband and I at the booth
About ready to walk..

 I think the coolest moment ever for a designer is standing backstage watching a line of gorgeous models wearing your designs get ready to walk down the runway. I've done a few shows in my time and I still think that is the best part. Sure, seeing the actual walk is amazing with the crowd jeers and camera flashes... but there's just something about that anticipation moment that makes it all worth it! My other favorite part of the evening was the fact that I completely forgot to plan any music for the actual runway portion, and just told them to wing it. Turns out the DJ accidentally picked one of my favorite songs from my all time favorite band. Quite a cool moment to hear it blare out unexpectedly!

On stage right after the runway show. That's me being WAY too excited in front!

 And if you'd like to see how it all looked, there is a video! I'm so glad it didn't capture more of me walking at the end. Other than some go-go hula dancing after much whiskey years ago, that was the first time I had ever been on a stage. I hope my utter stage terror played off more like humble and cute... not scary. And by the way, there are tons more photos on the Dismantled Fashions Facebook Page!



Catch A Falling Star said...

I must of missed a post somewhere or forgot(which is so like me), I wasn't aware that you were going to do a show.
Looks like it turned out amazing!
And no you didn't look scared at all.
Quite lovely in fact.
Looks like it was a rockin' good time.
Btw...I truly loved the first model, she had spunk.

TheLydiaT said...

WOW!!! This is amazing!!! You are truly an inspiration Emily!!!

♥ Emily of said...

Don't worry, I only did one super quick post about it. I was too busy to do much more! I too loved the first model.. that's why I made her go first haha! I wanted it to start with a bang. Thank you!

Lydia... you are THE sweetest ever!

Betty2Tone (Laura) said...

I LOVE that they played that Little Richard song at the end, very John Waters! :D

♥ Emily of said...

Considering I'm a HUGE John Waters fan... that comparison is awesome! ♥