Sunday, October 16, 2011

Behind the scenes with Lucky Devil Pin Ups

You know, for as many photo shoots as I do for Dismantled Fashions I've never done any behind the scenes! Considering I'm the nosey type that likes to know all about everyone's everything (well, as far as style! I'm not a nosey body in every day life.. I promise!) I'm really surprised I've never done a post on it! 

So yesterday I had a shoot for some new products with my favorite photographer, Adam of Lucky Devil Pin Ups. My model this time around was the always sweet and lovely Iraís from Houston. Ain't she a total doll?

 - and - I actually snapped a couple mid shoot photos of the "magic happening" HA. 

So stay tuned to see the final shots and all the new goodies!



Lucky Devil Pin Ups said...

Good Behind the scene pics :)

Pili said...

Behind the scenes pics are always awesome!