Monday, October 10, 2011

Handmade Spotlight - Fabulously Fierce and The Willow Goose

The Handmade Spotlight is a new weekly feature I'm trying out, and I really hope you like it! Each week I'll feature a different DIY shop guaranteed to be chock full of handmade items you're sure to love. Hopefully you'll get some lovely gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season too!

This week's featured shop(s) are Fabulously Fierce and The Willow Goose. Both shops are owned, designed, and operated by the fabulous herself, Kylie. Fabulously Fierce is the home decor side of things where Kylie handcrafts gorgeous lampshades and also offers a variety of embroidered goods with some of the most adorable designs ever. (Isn't the kitty cameo to die for?!)

The Willow Goose is the sister shop for all things pets. If you need a collar, toy or leash for any of your furry friends this is the place to go! 

Just look at my crazy ball of fluff, Bettie, in her Willow Goose goods! 

So check out Miss Kylie on Etsy... you won't be disappointed! 


Pili said...

Those are two amazing shops, and I've bought more than once from both!!

Deepa said...

OHHHHHH Bettie my so stupid fluffy!