Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meet Dana Von Dangerously - January Pin-Up of the Month

Meet Dana Von Dangerously, the Dismantled Fashions January Pin-Up of the Month! This doll is the first member of the Worldwide Greasers Club in her home state of PA (Pittsburgh to be exact!) - read my interview with Miss Dana to get to know her more!

When and how did you get into pin up modeling? :
I always wanted to do pin-up modeling, & finally worked up enough nerve to give it a shot! My first photo shoot ever was about 3 years ago for "Dots Diner", (And one of my other outfits I wore a <3 Dismantled Fashions <3 pencil skirt! ) Its still one of my favorite photos!

Who are a couple of your favorite photographers or models? : 
Kelly Sickels Brown, Roy Varga,  Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Bernie Dexter, Angela DeLegge

What inspires you to be unique? :
I don't wanna be your everyday average soccer mom, and I refuse to be part of "The Jealous Bitter Wives Club" You either love me or hate me, there's no in between!

Share some of your personal bombshell beauty secrets! Hair, makeup, etc :
False eyelashes are a must! Along with red lipstick! I think a pinups eyes & lips must POP! <3 I have a lot of thick Italian hair, so for me I find it easiest if I straighten my hair first & then do my favorite " Retro Do"

Top 5 favorite bands/artists ? :
#1 All Time Favorite SOCIAL DISTORTION. Volbeat, Pantera, Sha-Na-Nas, Deee Lite, 

If you had one super power, what would it be and why? :
It would definitely be X-RAY VISION

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