Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get the Look - Bold Colors!

The Little Bold Dress

This look was entirely inspired by the new Old Navy commercials I keep seeing for their new basic bold color dresses. I've always loved obnoxious colors and bold combinations  so I paired an orange dress with turquoise accents. The black jewelry just adds an extra layer of depth. That aside, I just can't seem to wear anything without a hint (or way more) of black. It's like my fashion security blanket ha! 

I chose the wedge, because I think it looks so adorable and flirty with a dress that length. And a tiny purse, as I like to call it, always takes an outfit from day to night. Switch it out for a larger bag, and this would be perfect for travel, school, work, etc. Add a cardigan, whole new look. Sexier heel? Another one entirely. I think that's why I love these dresses, they're so versatile! What would you wear with this?  

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