Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Vintage Doll for Dismantled Fashions

I'm a little behind on sharing these photos, but I think you'll agree, they're worth the wait! So please sit tight while I gush about how much I love this lady - 

I first fell in love with The Vintage Doll on Facebook. All of the sudden, her photos were everywhere! I don't think I was able to go to one pin up or rockabilly page (or blog, or Tumblr) without seeing her gorgeous, classic, face. Now, I don't often approach models and in fact, it's pretty rare. I'm usually booked up with the lovely ladies who seek me  out, but I knew I had to snag a chance to work with this girl. After emailing her my ideas and the new design sketch, she said yes! 

I'll admit it, I was a little shocked at how absolutely kind and sweet the Doll is. It's a sad fact that when a lot of models start becoming well known, the ego starts to get to them. Let me tell you, that is not her at all! Not only did she live up to the name Doll, but she's so professional! Thanks to her and her killer photographer,  Lily DeathStarr of Vivid EyeCandy Photography, I have lovely photos to share with you. I'm pleased as punch, just in case you couldn't tell! 

Make sure you check out The Vintage Doll on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. You know I'm subscribed! ♥

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