Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh Blogger, you won! I'm back!

I tried it... I really did! I tried to be a Tumblr person. I really loved it at first. Noncommittal reposts of things that catch your eye, it's all very flashy and exciting! After a while though, the ol' blogger soul gets sad and lonely. There's little comment interaction, and little actual content. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of pretty pictures and GIFs of all the nerdy things I love, but I just miss posting stories, tips, and random weirdness too much.

Now, I'm not promising an amazing post schedule. I'm pretty envious of those who are organized enough to do this, but that just ain't me! What I can promise though, is :

  • Lots of rambling about Dismantled Fashions. 
  • Probably some posts about how I partied too hard and now I'm tired. 
  • Lots of reviews and recommendations. 
  • And ok, some posts that are just pretty pictures I like ha! 

Extra serious on that recommendations and reviews one! If you have a shop, a band, a business or amazing venture of any kind please get a hold of me! I'd love to share what everyone is doing but I only can if you send it in. If you've got any questions about beauty products I like to use or any product recommendation, I'd love to do that too. Need sewing tips? Modeling advice? Ask away!

Until next time,
xo Emily

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