Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's been quite an adventure!

Most already know, but I spent the past week driving to and from Texas. The reason is a long, sad personal story that I will leave out. However, the trip turned out to be bittersweet. Getting to know my family and where I came from out there was amazing. I got to see some great things on that drive too. I went through Tennessee and Arkansas. Though I personally can live without Arkansas for the rest of my life, thank you. (No offense if you feel otherwise! But come on, those rest stops are nasssty.)

Tennessee was AMAZING. I got to finally go to the greatest place on Earth, Graceland. It was fabulous, and I'm so glad I got to go. However, I was a little disappointed. I'm sure it's no secret I'm a pretty crazed Elvis fan so I assumed the best. It's really not. It's become extremely touristy and a little like an amusement park or circus. All my pretentious feelings aside, I'm a hypocrite and toured the hell out of anything they'd let me, and took over 100 pictures. I didn't have the time to do everything I wanted to while in Memphis, because it wasn't a leisure trip at all. Just means I'll have to go back soon!

Me and a cut in half car in the Elvis car museum. I thought it was a pretty neat picture.

There's me being a hypocrite tourist. Yay!

Slideshow of the rest. If you actually sit through all these, I'm proud!


jenerek! said...

though i am unsure of the personal circumstances revolving around your trip, i'm happy to hear that some good moments were had! LOVING that car picture! you look awesome!

hope all is well/better with whatever the situation may be <3

It's A Swindle said...

Emily, The best weekend of my life was spent at Graceland. As touristy as it may be, I'm a huge fan girl and spent the whole weekend geeking out. I was like "Can you believe Elvis stood here, sat here, looked in this same mirror!"
I'm actually planning a trip back to catch the rest of Memphis, I spent all my time at Graceland!

Anonymous said...

I second that completely.