Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've recently become quite obsessed with burlesque. Ever since I saw my first show, I'm so all about the look. Not to mention I'm dying to try it! It's classy, it's trashy, it's retro fab, so of course I'm in love. There are some rumors floating around *coughdeepacough* that we'll be starting a lil' something up here soon. I'm personally ready to get out some tassels and feather boas and... well, you know.

Here are some fabulous burlesque finds from Etsy...

  1. Plush Velvet Corset - Corset Couture
  2. Bellhop Girl Hat - Topsy Turvy Design
  3. Cat Garter Belt - Hopeless
  4. Rocket Red Tassels - Miss Manhattan Mamba
  5. Silver Flapper Headband - Cutie Dynamite
  6. Peacock Cocktail Hat - Taissa Lada Designs


Hollyrocks said...

I've never seen a live burlesque show, just videos. But from what I've seen, I agree. It is WAY hot. I love these items, especially the red sequined tassels!

deepa said...