Monday, June 29, 2009

Only 4 more days!

So, Heavy Rebel.. 4 days away. This is the biggest show I've ever vended. Well, I did it last year, but I shared a booth with Trash Kulture, so it wasn't just me flying solo. This year it is! I'm in my freakout oh-my-god mode right now. I've still got actual things I need to make. Why did I run so close to the date?! Oh yeah, because I'm dumb. Here's some photos of my last minute madness. Excuse my horribly lit basement work room.

The last of the clothes to make. A few skeleton skirts drying/being painted

The clothes. As you can see, my two big retail racks are not enough and completely overflowing, so thankfully a friend is bringing one of theirs for me to use.

Promos and signs. I'm doing special cheap prices to help bring in drunk impulse buys. I mean, it would work on me. "Oh, that dress is only $45? Fuuuuuck it, Ima get it."

Got any advice or stories you want to share on vending?


Sandy Cooper said...

Wow...looking at those full racks brings a smile to my face...honestly!!! I love it all...and I also love to support other DIY'ers..I wish I lived closer...I would be at that event in a second!! I love vending at those type of events...I love to hear what people have to say about my product, it really pumps me up to do more and better for the next year...My advice is make sure you have fun...joke around with people, even people who you would not imagine wearing your never know who will be a customer!!! I always like to give people advice and ask about them too!!! Hope you have fun...sell lots!!! oh..I am pretty dumb also...last year, I was up to 3am for a week before my event, trying to finish last minute things hahhaha

deepa said...

thank god for that skeleton hands skirt. it feeds my ego every day.

Anonymous said...

You're kind of a big deal, Deepa.

Anonymous said...

p.s - if you have anything you wanna sell, bring it. my actual table is completely empty.

Kate8085 said...

Wish we lived closer, too!

Only advice I can give you is to
make sure you eat!

I am awesome at getting all caught up
in talking, meeting, selling, drinking coffee/beer, then I am all lightheaded and can't figure out why.

Take care of you, and your clothes will take care of and sell themselves, they are gorgeous!

deepa said...

i'll see if i can throw anything together real fast.

Atomic Mama said...

Oh its looks so nice and ready to roll! I love it. I wish you the best of luck and hope you make a killing.

I agree on the impulse shopping, especially towards the end of them day :D People tend to buy cute things they may not need.

Do you have friends going with you. I modeled for a girls booth at our car show last week, and worse her stuff adn wandered around adn everytime people asked "where did you get that!!!" I would hand them a flyer and direct them to her table.

you may try that.

CatieMay CroMag said...

Looks great Emily! Rock it!