Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vintage Sewing Machine Love

It's no secret I adore vintage sewing machines. I even got one tattooed on me. I just love how ornate and neat looking they used to be. It's like the machine used to create beautiful things is a beautiful thing in itself!

I've been saying for years how much I want one to display in my home, but every time I find one it happens to be when I don't have an extra dollar to spare. I never cared much if it worked or not (though don't get me wrong, it would be amazing if I had one that did!) I just wanted one for decoration in my studio. Well, imagine the smiles I had when my Dad pulled this old diamond in the rough out of his shed for me. It's belonged to his mother, and he had been holding onto it for years before he decided to give it to me.

Unfortunately, the table and all the original bits are missing, but it doesn't take away from the aesthetic appeal of what is left. I know - It sure is worn and rough looking, but I plan on starting up research to remove the mass amounts of rust and attempt to restore it to some former glory. If anyone has any ideas or tips on this, I'd love to hear it!

And for good measure, here is a photo of my father in front of the original table the machine was in. (Christmas 1952)

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Thera Joyce said...

Wow! That machine is so pretty! :)