Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The busiest season ever.

This is the first spare second I've had in what feels like forever. I've taken on so many projects at once and I'm swimming in work. Is it amazing? Yes. Am I totally stressed? Completely. I love every second, don't get me wrong :) 

A few weeks ago decided it was time for an insane amount of new items all at once (or close to once) and much of the past month has been spent working those details out. I've signed on around 5 new Texas models that I'm so excited to work with. I'll be doing a spotlight post on them soon so you'll get to see! I'm looking at doing somewhere in the neighborhood of 15+ new items in the next few months. I know.. I'm insane. 

Here's a tiny sneak peek of a couple things that will be in my upcoming photoshoot with my friend Adam of Lucky Devil Pin Ups.  ...

That particular shoot will be doing double duty as the photos will be used in promotional flyers for my fashion show set for September in Houston. It'll be a pin up extravaganza, car show, runway show of Dismantled Fashions plus bands vendors and more. The event is even titled "Retro Class Meets Modern Trash" - do you have any idea how excited I am for this?!! It feels so amazing that people love what I do enough that an event was inspired by it. I feel so cool. :) I'll probably have lots of posts on this as details get worked out. 

And to top it all off, I'm currently working on a wholesale order! Phew! 

Who says I bite off more than I can chew? ;) 


Hoot-n-Andy LLC said...

This is SO super exciting!!!! Congratulations, Emily! Sheesh- no wonder you haven't had time to take pictures of the kitty! ;)

Pili said...

If you're busy as hell, stress is more bearable when it's full of rewarding things! Yay for busy shops!