Saturday, March 3, 2012

Giveaway! - Rename a Favorite and Win!

In an attempt to revamp a lot of the old, I want to bring in something fresh! I'm planning on renaming a lot of my classic designs. Well, YOU are that is! In a series of giveaways over the next few months, you'll be given a chance to throw in your ideas for sassy names. 

The first one up is my absolute favorite style, The ChaCha Skirt. I mean, clearly, how many of these do I do?! 

So what do you have to do to win? Be creative! The winner of this giveaway will be the one with the most fitting, cute and sassy name that really screams this style. After the giveaway cutoff date, I'll choose my favorite entry and that person will receive one of these skirts in the color and print combination of your choosing in sizes XS - 3X. (Tattoo Flash print excluded. No custom sizing.)

Want in? Of course you do! Here's the nitty gritty..

REQUIRED TO ENTER: Leave a comment with your idea for a name, fill in the blank! "The ___ Skirt" 

Need a little inspiration? Visit to see all the colors and styles available. 

You don't need to be a Blogger member to enter. Anonymous comments are open, but please make sure to leave your name! Odds of winning based on number of entries. Open to anyone, worldwide. 

The winner will be announced here, so please check back to see if it's you. You can also leave your email address in your comment to be contacted directly. The winner will only have 24 Hours to claim their prize. 

The giveaway will end on March 31st around midnight, so get crackin' darlings! Good luck ♥


Elaine said...

How about the Double Dip? Evmatoushek at gmail dot com

erin said...

via urban dictionary:
1. ball the jack
From the 30's, means going really fast, mainly with a car or any vehicle.

therefore, this is obviously the BALL THE JACK skirt :)

Wulan S said...

combinit -->combine it XD

RandiAxe said...

The Devil In Disguise Skirt
The Damsel In Distress Skirt
The Ferocious Vixen Skirt
The Cats Meow Skirt
The Va Va Voom! Skirt
The Cherry Valance Skirt
The Minnie The Moocher Skirt...Let me sleep on it and im sure i can come up with more lol

The Fancy Lady said...

hmmm since someone else already had one of my ideas how about the kitty vixen skirt

RockabillyVegan said...

I totally suck at these sorts of contests, here's my contribution -

The Spiffy Skirt
The Swanky Skirt
The Mermaid Skirt
The Perfection Skirt
The Sassy & Classy Skirt
The Great Gams Grandstand

Rockabilly Housewife said...

Well I like it the way it is, but say give it a twist: "The Hot-Cha-Cha" skirt!

Rockabillyhousewife at g mail dot com

Candy Cane said...

Hey, Ladies! My idea is the "Sweet Lil' Sinner" skirt!

Valkyrie of Odin said...

A few ideas... The Femme Fatale Skirt, the Jezabel Skirt, the Dismantled Vixen Skirt, the Pinup Couture Skirt, the Rockin' Booty Skirt, the Sassy Strut skirt, and the Bitchin' Vixen skirt... I have a lot more, but think listing a million names would get other ladies on here annoyed. lol.


Miss Melody said...

The Hi-Di-Ho Skirt
The Jitterbug Skirt

<3 Miss Melody

madammuerte said...

The lucky lady skirt
The dirty diva skirt
The Daring dame skirt
The hot rod skirt

madammuerte said...

Or the lady luck skirt.

Anonymous said...

The Vintage Vixen Skirt

MelissaBee said...

How about
The "Vix" is In Skirt?

RandiAxe said...

Randi Axe
The Puurrfect Pin-Up Skirt

RandiAxe said...

Sorry for posting so much, The Surfin' Safari Skirt

Randi Axe

Rosina Lee said...

Wiggle Shakin Mama!
XX Rosina Lee

TheLydiaT said...

VaVoomVixen!! Cause LADIES....this skirt gives you BOOTY POWER!!!

Dana Von Dangerously said...

The "Dangerous Dame" Skirt
The " Kurvy Kitten" Skirt
The " Mambo Mama"
The "Voluptuous Vixen"
The "Lucious Lola" Skirt (DanaVonDangerously)

AmyFontaine said...

Amy Fontaine...Thinks it should be called...The Man Catcher Skirt. That little slit in the back is wear he will be staring when you snare him. I am so happy to see a classy option for women in a world of cheap knit mini skirts gone awry!!

Sophie Edwina said...

The Kustom Kitten Skirt
The Pistol Packin' Mama Skirt
The Dangerous Curves Skirt
The Bop, Wiggle, and Jive Skirt