Friday, March 9, 2012

Meet Ashley Trouble - February Pin-Up of the Month

Photo by Heather takes photos

Meet Ashley Trouble from Nashville, TN! Read our interview to learn all about this southern bombshell. 

When and how did you get into pin up modeling? What made you decide to? :
I have always been a huge fan of Bernie Dexter, Dita Von Teese, and other modern pin ups. Being into the "rockabilly lifestyle" and looking up to the girls that were dolled up, was always a huge inspiration, and paved the way for the "look" I always tried to achieve, even before pin up modeling.

As for how I got my start, a friend of mine was doing a Nashville fashion book, and insisted that I model in it! I argued, and told her I was no where near a model, but she had the utmost faith that I would be good at it. I kept getting gigs from there! 

Who are a couple of your favorite photographers or models? :
I have far too many to name, so if leave anyone out, I apologize! My hometown peeps have my heart!  

Heather takes Photos 
UVUDU? Imaging 
Terminal Image Design

Miss Voodoo Valentine
Kallisto KIller
Little Lolita Luxe
Polly Pistols
Jourdan Jean
Erin Belle

Where do you get your style inspiration from? :
 I am all over the map as far as style goes! I obviously love the 40s/50s pin up era, but I also like being comfortable sometimes. I would describe my style as a pin-up, country, horror, crazy mess, all stirred into one! 

Share some of your personal bombshell beauty secrets! Hair, makeup, etc :

Top 5 favorite bands/artists ? :
AFI (go on and start the jokes ;D )
Hillbilly Casino
Harry Fontana

You just won the lottery! Bills aside (because that is no fun) What do you do with the money? :
A. Make sure my family, and close friends are set
B. Fix up the ole Chevy
C. Travel a ton

Want more?! 
Model Mayhem  :

Big thanks to Miss Ashley Trouble, make sure to show her page some love... this girl is a doll :) 


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